Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women at PBO Advisory Group

In honor of Women’s History Month, PBO Advisory Group expresses our appreciation for the incredible women on our team. It is our goal to continue to support and reward these women for their outstanding work and commitment to our company and clients.

At PBO Advisory Group, we recognize that higher job satisfaction and motivation are tied to how valued employees feel in their workplace. As a result, we go above and beyond to make sure employees feel appreciated in a variety of ways. For women and men with children, this means allowing them to create a schedule that allows them time for their families. We provide our employees with childcare and scheduling flexibility so they are able to build a career that integrates well with their personal lives.

Placing employee satisfaction at the forefront of our company culture has promoted immense growth, success and overall employee retention. Our firm is currently 61% women, and we expect that number to keep growing due to the flexibility and work-life balance we provide, along with exceptional support from our leadership team.

We recently asked the women at our firm to share their unique perspectives on being women in the professional services industry and working for PBO Advisory Group. Here’s what they had to say.

Nicole Devine, Consulting Chief People Officer

“My biggest piece of advice would be to align yourself to a company who shares the same values as it’s such a critical element to success for both you and the organization. As women, we tend to bend to the needs of others first, sacrificing what may be in our best interest. You need to be very clear about what you personally value, with no apologies, and align to a company that behaves consistently with the values they preach. PBO Advisory Group is a true supporter of work-life balance and giving employees the autonomy to build the life that works for them both personally and professionally. As a mother of a child with significant special needs, I need flexibility beyond most. At PBO Advisory, our leadership makes it a priority for family to come first, treating you as a true professional that was hired to do a job and trusting your judgement on how to best make that happen.”


Kristin Grandlund, Operations Coordinator

“For most of my 25-year career, I’ve worked for small companies that had struggled to keep up with changes in the workforce regarding discrimination and oppression of women despite the laws and requirements passed by legislation. I’ve personally experienced denied promotions, unequal pay, and inappropriate behavior solely based on my gender. However, PBO Advisory Group champions these changes and policies through staff trainings, no-tolerance policies, and following a pay scale that protects equal pay. They also educate and assist their clients to create an equal and safe work environment in their workplace. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s making a positive impact for future generations of woman to achieve their potential.”


Jocelyn Hubert, Sr. Accounting Manager

“As a mother of two and military spouse, it has been challenging to maintain continuity of my career while frequently relocating across the country. PBO Advisory Group has changed all of that for me and has allowed me to continue working toward my personal and professional goals as an accounting professional. The flexibility that PBO Advisory offers allows me to provide excellent service to clients in a remote environment, regardless of where the military takes us. This has been a game changer to say the least, and I am grateful to work for a company that values my unique circumstances and trusts my ability to get the job done well.”


Paige Reardon, Sr. Staff Accountant

“The women I work with at PBO Advisory Group support and challenge one another to become the best versions of themselves.”




Heather Ronk, Consulting Sr. HR Generalist

“The flexibility and autonomy that I’ve experienced while working at PBO Advisory Group has been amazing. As a working mom, I’ve finally created a good work-life balance and it is wonderful working for a company that is supportive of that. Something that is forever engrained in my mind since I started this amazing journey with PBO Adivsory is that timing is everything, just because something doesn’t work out in the moment, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen eventually if you want it bad enough. Follow your dreams!”


Francesca San Diego, Consulting CFO

“PBO Advisory Group allows me to ‘pay it forward.’ I had the great fortune of having amazing professional female mentors during my career. Those incredible women paved the way for the opportunities that we have today in finance and accounting. I feel fortunate to be in a position to mentor young PBO Advisory professionals in their careers. It is truly a gift and an honor.”


Erika Sherwood, Human Resources Generalist

“Since my first day at PBO Advisory Group, my team has made me feel welcome and valued. I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and who will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.”




Annie Terracciano, Controller

“Having the ability to have a flexible schedule to be a full-time working mom has been the best part of the job. Where else could I have two kids and still work a schedule that fit my family’s needs? PBO Advisory Group also supported me when I was dealing with a difficult client who thought they could bully me into getting what they wanted. When I expressed my concerns, I was fully supported 100% and we chose to leave the client.”


Beth Wakefield, Sr. Staff Accountant

“When I was expecting my first son, I vividly remember a powerful moment. The very news of becoming a mom motivated me like nothing else had. I decided to work even smarter and harder than I had been. It was as if a sense of confidence overtook my quiet ‘head-down’ work mentality and I built fruitful work relationships with clients that many co-workers struggled to develop. Fast-forward 8 years and 4 kids later, I find myself working extremely efficiently balancing the roles of wife, mother, accountant, and volunteer and I am grateful that PBO provides the opportunity to do so. Time management, project management, discipline, assertiveness, efficiency, negotiation, and prioritization – these are all skills necessary to be both a great leader at home and at work.