What is the Cost of NOT Understanding Your Financials?

PBO Advisory Group’s Consulting Chief Financial Officer Rick Dahlseid was a recent guest on the Growth and Scaling Podcast, hosted by Todd Westra.

In the 30-minute conversation, Rick shared key issues business founders, owners, and leaders should think about when considering hiring a CFO:

  • A CFO can help you attain your organization’s goals.
  • A good CFO will save your organization their salary in the first year and twice their salary in the second year.
  • When a company gets stuck financially, the CFO has the whole picture of what the organization wants and needs, and the financial expertise to get through it and move on.
  • Without a CFO, companies often have old, poor, and even unreliable financial reporting. Good financial reporting, developed by a CFO, will make your organization stronger.
  • If your nonfinancial leaders don’t understand your financials, that’s a problem. A CFO makes sense of the numbers and tells the story behind the finances, which improves your organization overall.

Rick is one of several of PBO Advisory Group’s fractional CFOs. Many organizations need CFO-level expertise and guidance but cannot afford or justify a full-time CFO. Our fractional CFOs work with clients on an as-needed basis, sometimes as little as 10 hours per month. The value they bring is significant and affordable.

If you’d like more information about our fractional CFO services and how they will benefit your organization, please contact us.

To hear the full Growth and Scaling Podcast “What is the Cost of Not Understanding Your Financials,” featuring Rick, please click here.

Rick Dahlseid

Consulting CFO