Want the Expertise of a CFO Without the Full Cost? A Fractional CFO Might be the Answer

PBO Advisory Group’s Mike Ford is a member of Forbes Finance Council, a group of senior-level finance executives who share their expert insight on issues within the financial services industry. He recently wrote an article published on Forbes.com about the benefits of Fractional CFOs and how to know if this staffing option is right for your business.

Does one of the following describe your business?

  • Your small business is facing financial obstacles, and you need senior-level help overcoming them.
  • Your growing business needs an expanding set of financial services that exceeds the skills of your existing team.
  • Your business is looking for highly skilled financial help with a specific project, such as raising capital, a potential acquisition or implementing a new system.
  • You believe that your business has the opportunity to grow, but you need guidance and planning to implement your vision.
  • You require strategic advice to meet the long-term goals for your business.

While you need help addressing these challenges, you do not require a full-time chief financial officer. When a business finds itself in such a situation, a fractional CFO is a viable, cost-efficient solution.

Read Mike’s full article in Forbes here.

Mike Ford

Managing Director/Founding Member