Updated Paid Family Leave Pamphlet Requirements for 2023

If you’re a California employer, you likely know of the requirements to post several notices and distribute various pamphlets informing employees of their employment rights. In June 2023, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) made official updates to its Paid Family Leave (PFL) pamphlet. These are mandatory updates that all California employers must begin distributing with updated URLs to EDD forms and applications.

Information in the PFL pamphlet is required by California state law and must be provided to all new employees AND employees taking a leave of absence for a reason that may entitle them to PFL wage replacement benefits, such as caring for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new child.

The PFL Pamphlet:

    • Describes the PFL Benefits Program
    • Outlines what makes employees eligible or ineligible for PFL benefits
    • Explains how to apply for benefits
    • Fulfills your legal obligation to distribute PFL benefit information to all new hires and again to those becoming absent for a covered reason


How PBO Advisory Can Help

The PBO Advisory HR team is happy to assist you in identifying and locating all mandatory posters and pamphlets for your business. Reach out to your HR consultant today for timely compliance.

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