Top HR Trends in 2018 That Businesses Need to Know

Here at Pro Back Office we provided outsourced HR services, these are the top 7 HR trends in 2018 businesses need to know. HR managers can start to develop and implement programs and strategies that will increase productivity and wellness in the workplace, by knowing these top HR trends. Employee growth and wellness leads to company growth and wellness.

7 Top HR Trends in 2018 Businesses Need To Know

Is your business prepared for these 7 Human Resources trends and challenges for 2018?

Evolving Role of HR

The demands of HR professionals are increasing, and the business of human transformation will play a key role in an organization’s future growth. By creating healthier work environments, focusing on employee experience, and adopting technology to increase efficiency, while also effectively adopting new legislation, HR will soon be seen as a solution rather than a cost center.

Influence of Digital

Many experts have named the adoption of digital as a major HR trend of 2018. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), HR departments will have to learn how to be digital. Computerized systems that process language information, such as Watson, are expected to become more common in work environments. According to Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst for Constellation Research, “The rise of AI will be the biggest challenge for HR in 2018 and beyond. It changes the employee experience fundamentally away from traditional enterprise software screens to chat based or even voice-based assistants.”

Learning from 2017 Failures and Shortcomings – New HR Challenges

Stories of harassment in 2017 plagued not just headlines, but also HR departments highlighting a major oversight in workplace environment. Organizations that permit harassment to persist foster low morale and engagement –an unhealthy (and hostile) work environment. There will be a significant focus on inclusion and creating a safe work environment. The challenge presented, however, is how to achieve a harassment-free-workplace and what constitutes “harassment.” As the conversation concerning safe and welcoming work environment evolves, the subject of sexual orientation protections will also become a point of discussion. It is currently unclear whether Title VII prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (Supreme Court has yet to weigh in on this topic). While some experts suggest that employers add LGBTQ employees to their EEO policies, other experts caution that things written in your handbook could be construed as a contract, meaning that any violation can hold organizations liable for failing to take similar steps for other protected characteristics.

Wellness and Experience

Creating a safe work environment is only one part in encouraging employment wellness. Mental health and stress of employees is a hot topic in HR, as studies show that work-life balance helps increase productivity. Employee growth is positively linked to company growth. Wellness programs that help employees balance their emotions has seen an increase in productivity, reductions in absenteeism, and has peaked the interest in potential employees. The question employers need to answer is: how is the organization going to help the employee develop as a human being and advance the employee’s career at the same time.

Emphasis on Branding and Culture

The company brand and culture are often reflected by employee experience. The emerging HR trend is a shift from employee engagement to employee experience due, in part, to the influence of Millenials and the digitalization age. Younger employees are seeking tailored career experiences in an enjoyable workplace.  The new “employee experience” is an ecosystem that integrates the core values of engagement, culture, and performance management. The challenge presented to companies is to examine the employee journey map and optimize it.

A Redefined Workforce – Millenials and the “Gig Economy”

Millenials are the largest generation that works among Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and Generation Z. Millenials place an emphasis on work-life balance, tailored career growth, and company culture — all aspects that should be clearly expressed in company value propositions. Another sector of job seekers redefining the workplace are those participating in the “gig economy.” By BBC definition, the “gig economy” is defined as a “labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs.” These jobs are more focused on skill and less on career paths. Its on-demand hiring practices promise lower costs, creating a higher competition for talent. To source quality talent, HR needs to be able to offer flexible work provisions, which can drive the employer’s value proposition, expand the candidate talent pool, and serve as a means to retain high value employees.

Talent Management Trends

Interview and recruiting techniques are being customized to attract top talent by demographic. Some techniques include: communicating via text message, interview questions by age group, etc. Another obstacle HR needs to be prepared for is overcoming the skills gap. Internally, HR can create a culture of development, where the focus is on training in skills that can adapt to future needs. Some companies have taken the idea of developing a skilled workforce one step further and have started grooming potential employees by partnering with local schools and creating programs within local cities to teach in demand skills.


Preparing for Human Resource Trends in 2018

With the increasing responsibility and growing importance of HR, having skilled HR support is key. Pro Back Office (PBO) can support your HR department by either filling the gaps or becoming your entire HR department. We also act as your in house recruiting team and have been extremely successful in helping our clients hire superstar employees. Utilizing part-time HR personnel can allow managers the time to prepare for future HR trends, and can free up time for them to develop and implement new programs and policies that can increase efficiency, wellness, and company culture in the workplace.

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