The Power of PBO Advisory Group

At PBO Advisory Group, we see many organizations facing complex challenges in today’s business landscape and are proud to have helped impact our clients’ success. We are grateful to work with a wide array of clients and appreciate their kind words.


We have worked with PBO Advisory professionals in the areas of strategic planning, finance/accounting, and human resources …. Most recently we turned to PBO Advisory and Nicole Devine for an HR assessment. This process was new to us, and we greatly appreciate the end result …. This led to a CEO/C-suite leadership development program. Human resources is now an integrated component of our business and better supports our overall business goals.”

Michael Rentner, CEO
NBS – Local Government Consultants
Client since 2021


Working with PBO Advisory has been a great experience and one of the best decisions we’ve made for our company. Their team of experts continues to provide excellent results and great service. We consider PBO Advisory an extension of our business.”

Jed Richard, President
Holland’s Custom Cabinets
Client since 2016


We have retained PBO Advisory for many years and have always been pleased with their work .… their quick response, dedication, and communication have been nothing but grace-filled, and I can’t begin to express how supportive they’ve made me feel ….”

Jenny Livits, CEO & Founder
Pink Lagoon
Client since 2015