Whether you operate a SaaS software company, a tech-enabled services company looking to monetize your technology or a software developer selling perpetual software, we understand your situation.

PBO Advisory Group has guided technology companies through myriad of obstacles to achieve financial, operational, and business stability and profitability. We also assist with your people side of the business by providing human capital and HR services.

Our broad range of services include:

  • Recurring revenue analysis – implementing billing base roll-forward systems in order to have visibility into how the billing base changes over a point of time, including new subscriptions, upsells, down sells, fee pauses, attrition, impact of price changes, and other factors
  • Guidance on product roadmap development schedules
  • Assessing market potential for new product offerings
  • Financial reporting including ASC 606 and IFRS equivalents
  • Revenue recognition for bundled software offering, lease accounting, and accounting for contracts
  • Contract assessments
  • Revenue recognition planning and infrastructure
  • Periodic monitoring
  • Data analysis for business growth and strong margins
  • Early-stage seed capital raise
  • Exit strategy planning
  • HR, accounting, internal control, and business continuity assessments
  • Human Capital consulting
  • Business and operations advisory services
  • Accounting and HR outsource support
  • ERTC