Siege Electric – Built on a Vision and Desire to Help Others

Oftentimes, successful companies aren’t planned, they evolve. This is true for PBO Advisory Group’s client, Siege Electric, a specialty electrical contractor based in North County San Diego, which was established with a vision and desire to help others.

Founder Joshua Middleton, a Black disabled veteran, began his electrical career in the U.S. Navy. As he transitioned out of the service, Josh took advantage of an apprenticeship program, discovering that civilian electrical and working on buildings is very different than on a ship.

He went on to work with a small company focusing on the unique electrical needs of sophisticated homes, where he was involved in the early stages of design and worked directly with the owners. This opportunity gave Josh experience in both the trade and business sides of a company.

Armed with this knowledge and a desire to own a business, not just be self-employed, Josh eventually founded Siege Electric in 2017. Josh’s vision was to lead from a point of servitude and teaching, and provide opportunities for disabled vets, as well as minorities, disadvantaged, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

With no initial blueprint for the future, Josh applied his seasoned skills as an electrician with his growing skills as a networker and businessperson, and his love for problem solving, propelling Siege Electric to success. Today, the company is one of only three California state-certified MBE, SBE, SLBE, DBE, DVBE, and SDVOSB electrical contractors that specialize in commercial, public works, building technologies, and sustainability services located in the Southern California region. This unique group of certifications allows Siege Electric to participate in large projects that bring employment opportunities to the community.

With a diverse, skilled, and accredited labor force, Siege Electric strategically focuses on public works and government funded projects that bring tax dollars back to the community. Staying true to its foundation of servitude and teaching, Siege Electric participates in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, and has trained more than 40 apprentices.

With his company evolving and ever changing, Josh found that “running a business isn’t about being an electrician anymore” and he turned to PBO Advisory for assistance. We’ve been honored to work with Siege Electric in a variety of ways including providing accounting leadership and guidance, financial analysis, coaching on business strategy and operational efficiencies, and assistance in securing funding.

My experience with PBO Advisory has been great. The PBO Advisory team stuck their necks out to help us get a funding initiative through various hurdles. The extensive coaching and financial analysis I have received has been invaluable. I look forward to working with Rick Dahlseid and his team for a long time to come.

-Joshua Middleton, Owner of Siege Electric

We congratulate Siege Electric on its growth, commitment to our community, focus on customer service, and dedication to those who need a helping hand and an opportunity for a brighter future.