Should Your Accounting Team Wear Lab Coats?

What Life Science Leaders Should Know Before Outsourcing Their Finance Functions 

PBO Advisory Group’s Mike Ford is a member of Forbes Finance Council, a group of senior-level finance executives who share their expert insight on issues within the financial services industry. He recently wrote an article published on about outsourcing vs. hiring accounting and finance professionals for the life science industry. 

Deciding which option to use — outsourcing vs. hiring — comes down to the phase of your business, the need to manage costs and the availability of experienced life science talent to meet your business’s short- and long-term goals. 

While your accounting team doesn’t need to wear a lab coat, understanding the nuances and major differences of the life science industry can be key to your company’s success. Utilizing professionals with firsthand experience is just as important in the accounting suite as it is in the laboratory. 

Read Mike’s full article in Forbes here. 

Mike Ford

Managing Director/Founding Member