Serving Non-Profits – The Tide is Rising

At PBO Advisory Group, we are happy to report that our team is providing more non-profits than ever with services. Working with these committed organizations is rewarding and we are proud to play a small, albeit important, role in the good work they do within the community.

While our experience working with commercial clients has provided a solid foundation for working with non-profits, there are many important differences and PBO Advisory Group understands this.

When working with a non-profit, our mindset is different. With commercial clients, our focus is typically on maximizing the value of the business and the steps that must be taken to get there. With a non-profit organization, we work alongside the board and executive director with a mindset that is focused on the organization’s mission and how they can further this mission.

Our PBO Advisory non-profit team becomes a part of the fabric of each organization with which we work. Their mission becomes our mission. We utilize accounting, finance, and HR strategies that provide a larger impact in helping the organization succeed.

From homelessness to nature preservation, we work with non-profit clients throughout the San Diego region and across the United States that touch the lives of many and are truly making a difference. Our work ensures that the operational aspects of the organization are optimized and frees up leadership to focus on fulfilling their mission. This includes understanding and easing the burden of the different state and federal laws that affect non-profits’ accounting and hiring. We also work with board of directors to help them fully understand and complete their responsibilities to the organization.

The tide isn’t just rising for PBO Advisory Group and the work we are doing, opportunities abound for non-profits also.

Rick Dahlseid, one of our consulting chief financial officers, provides this advice for non-profit organizations as we enter this post-pandemic phase:

  1. Be sure that your organization is taking advantage of and maximizing the government funds available, including PPP funding forgiveness and the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program.
  2. Because of this funding, many organizations find themselves in a better financial place than expected. The next step is to assure that this position is sustainable. Now is a good time to have an assessment of your accounting systems and processes as you move forward post-pandemic.
  3. Now is also the right time for your organization to conduct a thorough HR assessment. Due to a tight labor market, it is even more important to keep your employees happy and engaged. Also, new laws came into effect during COVID. You will want to ensure that your policies are and continue to be current.

More information about PBO Advisory Group’s Non-Profit Services is available here. Feel free to reach out to Rick Dahlseid with questions.

Rick Dahlseid

Consulting CFO