Senior Management Spotlight: Nicole Devine

A Q&A with our delightfully diverse HR guru

We are excited to turn our spotlight on Nicole Devine – PBO Advisory Group’s Consulting Chief People Officer.

Nicole has walked in the shoes of many of our clients, which allows her to uniquely understand the challenges as well as opportunities of running a successful organization. She has owned her own business and been responsible for multiple aspects of running major organizations, including branding, sales, operations, and, of course, human resources.

Given her diverse background, Nicole approaches our clients’ human capital and HR needs from multiple perspectives, while focusing on driving impactful outcomes. The many services she provides include human resources foundation assessments, which evaluate a company’s HR function as a whole to be fully functioning in support of the business strategies, and human capital consulting, which designs and evaluates people strategy alignment with the organization’s business goals and human capital investment.

With 20 years of broad-based experience, Nicole’s business acumen is well established, and a value add to the companies she works with. Throughout her career, she has held positions as director of HR, assistant vice president of employee relations, and corporate executive trainer for mid-large size companies, in addition to being the founder of her own successful business. Nicole has contributed her expertise to a range of industries, including global brokerage, consumer package goods, logistics, manufacturing, and executive search.

We posed a few questions to Nicole to highlight her background as well as learn some fun facts about her:

1. What’s one skill that you learned early in your career that you still rely upon today? 

I learned how critical it is to expand your experience outside of your primary function. Early on, there was a pivotal shift for me to be accountable for other functions vs. exposure to them.

2. Who inspires you?

My children inspire me daily. I have two daughters that are very different from one another. Both remind me daily of what values and leadership look like when done well and how critical being a role model is to influence the same behavior from them. My youngest has significant special needs, which impacts her communication. She has taught me how to use other tools to communicate when words aren’t an option and how important it is to see each individual through their frame of reference and abilities.

3. If you didn’t live in San Diego, where would you live?

I would live in San Francisco, New York, or London.

4. What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Back packing through Spain. I learned a lot about travel, navigating systems, and patience. 😊

5. What would we be surprised to know about you?

I own two patents for innovative marketing concepts that I invented.

From inventor and entrepreneur to mom and PBO Advisory advisor and leader, Nicole tackles every project with an incredible amount of expertise, energy, and enthusiasm. We are truly honored to have her as a part of the PBO Advisory team!

Nicole Devine
Consulting Chief People Officer
858-622-1681 Ext. 287