Risk Management for Cloud-Powered Medtech: What You Need to Know

This is a feature article written by Mike Ford for the Medical Design and Outsourcing Publication.

Cloud-enhanced medical devices are on the rise. There are some incredible benefits to the trend, as well as some increases in risk. Medtech developers should take note of the risks to properly develop a risk management strategy. 

As we kickstart 2018, there are increasing concerns and risk challenges for the life science industry, thanks in part to the evolution of computing technology. Today, many life science businesses are migrating to cloud computing (SAAS, PAAS, etc.). There is data sharing amongst business partners and the use of third-party providers who are managing important data for these life science companies. All of which has most CEOs spending time and money on risk management and compliance. They see tremendous pressure to safeguard sensitive information collected relating to patient data and privacy, intellectual property (IP), and drug and clinical test data.

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