Pro Back Office’s Human Resources Checklist

Author: Laura Nieman, PHR

Now that January has come and gone, there are some items that all business owners should review to ensure that they are set up for the remainder of 2019 and beyond.  

Here are a few of the key items:

  • Is your handbook up to date with 2019 legal changes?  
    • An employee handbook documents your expectations from your employees and what your employees can expect from your company.
    • It states the company’s legal obligations as an employer and the rights of staff as employees. It contains important information on the company’s policies and procedures and contains details that employees would need to know about their workplace.
    • There are new changes each year to the legal obligations.  Sections that are no longer relevant or unclear should be rewritten to clarify or change the policies. Every time the handbook is updated, redistribute copies to employees and require signatures acknowledging receipt & review of the updates.
  • Do you have the most current labor law posters posted and in the right places?
  • If you’ve updated policies, are they posted or distributed for the staff to access?
  • Have you double checked your employee classifications?
    • As a reminder, California now follows the more stringent ABC test vs “span of control.”
  • Have you verified the requirements and your conformity with City, State, and Federal minimum wage and sick leave policies?
  • Are you prepared for the new California mandatory harassment training?  All employers with 5 or more employees MUST provide specific training to employees before the end of the year.  This training has specific requirements including who can deliver the training. PBO’s HR Management team meets these requirements.
  • Do you know what the new laws are and how/if they affect you?  


PBO’s HR Consulting Team can do a compliance assessment of these items and many more to ensure your success in both meeting your legal requirements and ensuring that your staff is set up for a successful career!