Private School

PBO Advisory Group helps with many of the complex issues facing private schools, freeing you to focus on running your school and educating tomorrow’s leaders.

We are proud to provide financial leadership and business office expertise to private schools across the country. Our extensive experience in understanding the specific needs of academic institutions has provided both heads of schools and board members the tools needed to perform optimally.

The PBO Advisory Group team will provide an evaluation of your school’s administrative departments for effectiveness and efficiency, review current processes and procedures, and/or provide a team of professionals to perform the daily, monthly, and annual support needed to keep your school running smoothly.

The many focused services we offer private schools include:

  • Best practices assessments
  • Allocation of resources and duties
  • Compliance with government and education regulations
  • Risk management
  • Governance – board of trustees and head of school
  • Investment guidance
  • Tuition analysis
  • Teacher/administrative annual contract review and preparation
  • HR, accounting, internal control, and business continuity assessments
  • Human Capital consulting
  • Business and operations advisory services
  • Accounting and HR outsource support
  • ERTC