Philanthropic Spotlight: Regional Task Force on the Homeless

Working with non-profit clients is Rick Dahlseid’s passion. As a Consulting Chief Financial Officer for PBO Advisory Group, Rick has had the honor and pleasure of working with our client Regional Task Force on the Homeless.

With the vision of making homelessness in San Diego a rare, brief and non-recurring event, the RTFH is a local expert on homeless policy and the lead coordinator for the introduction of new models and implementation of best practices for the San Diego Region. Much of what RTFH does is data centered and as the organization’s website states, “We provide essential data and insights on the issue of homelessness, informing policy and driving system design and performance.”

RTFH is well-known for its WeAllCount program which spreads volunteers and outreach workers across our county to engage and survey those experiencing homelessness in their environment. Through the organization’s Coordinate Entry System, a list of the people in the region experiencing homelessness is managed and prioritized by community standards so that they may be referred to the available housing inventory. To capture and report on information regarding homeless services, utilization, performance and outcomes, RTFH implements its Homeless Management Information System. RTFH also supports education and learning among service providers and advisory groups.

For the past three years, PBO Advisory Group has provided complete financial accounting and human resources support to the organization, allowing RTFH to focus on its vital core services. Rick works with RTFH’s C-level executives on multiple initiatives, including ensuring grant requirements are met – a task important to many non-profits. Rick works with other PBO Advisory Group team members who also contribute their special skill set to RTFH.

PBO Advisory Group thanks RTFH for its work in bringing together the efforts to address homelessness in our region and providing the information needed to do so.