Philanthropic Spotlight: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego

Eighty years ago, Logan Heights became home to a Boys Club. Today, the club still exists in the same location and now is known as the William J. Oakes Boys & Girls Club, after its founder. The club is one of 20 that make up the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego. We are honored to work with this great organization, providing accounting and HR support.

Pre-COVID, 25,000 children were served by the organization. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, all of the centers were shuttered. With assistance from PBO Advisory Group, BGCGSD was able to get a PPP loan during the first round, allowing the organization to reopen a limited number of sites. Over the summer of 2020, BGCGSD expanded to operate summer camps from three locations. Many of the children who participated have parents who are essential workers.

Today, 12 clubs are opened with four offering BGCGSD’s PACE (Pathways to Academic and Creative Excellence) Program. PACE is an all-day program that allows the clubs’ staff to help youth members with distance learning activities in the morning while engaging in traditional club activities in the afternoon. The program is designed specifically to meet the needs of working families. Of the locations offering PACE, three – 4S Ranch, Escondido and Valley Center – have immediate openings.

President/CEO of BGCGSD Danny Sherlock credits the staff for the success of the PACE program and everything that the organization has accomplished during the pandemic. “They are passionate about helping kids,” he says.

Many of the staff were so eager to get back to work, they wanted to return prior to being vaccinated. (Childcare workers are now eligible for vaccinations.) The staff focuses on the safety of the children ensuring a clean environment, social distancing and mask wearing at all times while making it fun for the kids.

In normal times, BGCGSD welcomes volunteers to help in a variety of ways. However, COVID restrictions do not allow anyone other than staff and youth members at the clubs. Even parents are not allowed inside the facilities.

Financial donations are always appreciated. Such gifts will help provide scholarships for children and ensure the important programs BGCGSD offers continue.

BGCGSD is also in need of part-time staff members. If you are looking for employment now and/or over the summer, BGCGSD is recruiting. If you love working with kids and making a difference, BGCGSD has a job for you.

In addition to helping obtain a first-round PPP loan, the PBO Advisory Group team helped BGCGSD receive forgiveness for that loan and obtain a second-round of PPP funding. The management of the applicable expenses for the second loan is in process.

PBO Advisory Group is also helping BGCGSD with the ERTC program and the relief that tax credits will bring.

Per Danny, PBO Advisory Group “Handles the specialty things that our staff doesn’t have the knowledge to do. PBO is a partner to help with those things.”

We couldn’t ask for a better partner!

For more information about our accounting and not-for-profit services, please contact Rick Dahlseid.

Rick Dahlseid

Consulting CFO