PBO Perspectives in Business, Finance & HR – our Educational and Entertaining Podcast – has Premiered!

We are excited to officially launch our latest project to help clients and friends stay informed. Episode 1 of our new, short-format, weekly podcast – PBO Perspectives in Business, Finance & HR – is now available through our website and Spotify.

Businesspeople who want to stay up to date on important issues should listen and subscribe. In the coming weeks, as we release more episodes, members of the PBO Advisory team and expert guests will offer their unique perspectives on business ethics, employee wellness programs, and technology trends in accounting, finance, and human resources. We’ll be covering breaking news, current and anticipated challenges and opportunities in the business world, how you can improve your accounting and HR programs, and much more!

We know time is limited and promise to make the 15 minutes or so you spend listening informative, interesting, and worthwhile.

Episode 1 introduces you to our podcast’s host, PBO Advisory’s HR Consultant Joey McCoy, and his guests, Francesca San Diego, our CEO, and Nicole Devine, our Consulting Chief People Officer and leader of our Human Capital and Human Resources Services. We welcome you to listen in on their entertaining conversation covering multiple topics ranging from business trends to how we work with clients.

Spoil Alert!

Fran shares trends and issues affecting businesses now (such as the price of and access to capital and access to talent) and Nicole described how clients utilize PBO Advisory in many ways (for example, we are a talent pool and business partner).

Joey gives you his Tip of the Week (communicating what your organization does and how it is unique).

Your Feedback is Wanted

PBO Perspectives is for our listeners. We welcome your suggestions for topics of future episodes. Please send any and all ideas to Joey.

Joey McCoy
Consulting Sr. HR Generalist
858-622-1681 Ext. 319