PBO Client FORECAST 3D Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

PBO Advisory Group’s client FORECAST 3D is making a difference in the battle against the current world pandemic.  Donovan Weber, president of the company, recently commented that FORECAST 3D has actively engaged against the C-19 enemy by building 80,000 ventilator splitters. The Carlsbad-based company, which provides a full spectrum of 3D printing, significantly increased capacity – literally overnight – for virus hot spots throughout the county.

Now the company is focused on producing the largest order of 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swabs in the world – 1.3 million units.  Additionally, FORECAST 3D continues to produce many critical medical components and is assisting Fortune 500 companies with rapid response prototype and production parts, using the latest 3D printing technology and advanced design software.

PBO Advisory Group recognizes and thanks FORECAST 3D for its amazing contributions to the health of the United States.