PBO Advisory Group HR Team Completes Diversity Management Certification

PBO Advisory Group is proud to announce that two of our team members have earned Diversity Management Certifications, Laura Nieman, PHR, Senior Manager, HR Services and Rachel Allen, MA, PHR, Manager, HR Services.

Managing a diverse workforce requires special skills. Laura and Rachel are now certified to help clients understand the benefits of a diverse workforce and provide management support to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to thrive within an organization. 

The Management and Strategy Institute certification program, which Laura and Rachel completed, covers multiple topics including changing attitudes, managing behaviors, perspective taking, cultural differences, body language and much more. The program is designed to prepare individuals for a role as diversity managers. With this unique training, Laura and Rachel have expanded the extensive HR services PBO Advisory Group already offers.

We congratulate Laura and Rachel on their initiative and desire to better serve our clients in the critical area of diversity management.

For more information, please contact Laura at 858-935-4844 or laura@pboadvisory.com.