PBO Advisory Employee Spotlight: Andrew Melton

This month, PBO Advisory Group turns our employee spotlight on Sr. Finance Consultant Andrew Melton.

Andrew’s devotion to serving those less fortunate is a good fit for our nonprofit clients. For much of his 30-year career, Andrew has been focused on financial and operational services for nonprofit organizations. He is known as a “fixer,” working with clients to restructure, increase growth, and expand business development. With Andrew’s support, nonprofits become better able to help those in need.

Raised in the world of community service, giving to others is Andrew’s second nature. His passions lie with helping the neediest and most forgotten — urban-based outreach, veteran organizations, the hungry, and the poor — here in the United States. Few nonprofit financial consultants likely have the experience that Andrew does. His family founded a ministry-based nonprofit. As vice president, he oversaw the day-to-day finance and operations, which included a food bank and clothing outreach, childcare center, a K-12th grade school, a store, and a housing rehab program.

When I’m not helping others, you’ll find me on my boat with a fresh breeze clearing my mind for the next challenge.

Andrew’s philosophy is that nonprofits should operate more like for-profit businesses and less like families. In fact, he hopes to write a book someday about dysfunctional nonprofits and how NOT to become one!

As an outsourced finance consultant and fractional CFO, Andrew’s favorite aspect of his role at PBO Advisory is the new perspective he brings to our clients. He admits that it can be challenging to see the dysfunction that plagues a nonprofit; too often, leadership is working on immediate concerns and cannot plan for the next month, let alone the next year. Andrew’s three decades of finance, accounting, and leadership experience significantly qualifies him to lift the organization to new heights.

We are glad that Andrew is a part of PBO Advisory, working with our clients on long-term engagements and special projects. Leveraging his vast knowledge of finance – including CFO expertise – and business makes him a valuable and trusted consultant for nonprofits and an important member of our team.