New California Employment Laws For 2018 Businesses Need To Know

As a new year has started, there are many new California employment laws for 2018 that employers need to know. These new laws will affect California employers’ daily operations and policies in 2018 and beyond. Some new laws made significant changes while others made small changes to existing laws. Is your business ready for these new policies? Below is a list of some of the important new employment laws effective on January 1, 2018 and insights on how to better prepare for these new California employment laws for 2018.


California Employment Laws For 2018 Businesses Need To Know

SB 63, the New Parent Leave Act – requires small businesses with 20 or more employees to provide eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to bond with a new child. Make sure to update policies!

AB1008 – prohibits employers with five or more employees from asking about criminal history information on job applications and from inquiring about or considering criminal history at any time before conditional offer of employment has been made. Also, if a criminal history comes up on a background check, there are specific steps to follow prior to denying employment. Update employment applications and review background check policies to adjust to this new California employment law.

AB 168, salary history – bans employers from asking about a job applicant’s prior salary, compensation benefits (either directly or through a third-party recruiter). Also, it requires an employer to provide a job applicant, upon reasonable request, with the pay scale for the position. Update applications and be ready for salary range inquiries.


Prepare Your Business For New California Employment Laws In 2018

new california employment laws for 2018 businesses need to know
Learn about California labor and employement laws for 2018 that will be effecting your business.

Harassment – Training Required

Remember if an employer has over 50 employees, sexual harassment prevention training (which must include anti-bullying) is required. Also starting in 2018, this training must discuss harassment based on gender identity, gender expressions, and sexual orientation. But for ALL employers, training managers about proper conduct, importance of understanding company policies and role modeling appropriate behavior is essential.

Gender Identity

Employers need to be cautioned to tread very lightly with an employee who may be transitioning or expressing a new gender identity. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against any employees that may fall into that category.

Handbook Review

An annual review of handbooks is very important as well as when an employer is growing.  Specific changes typically are relevant when an employer hits 15, 20, 25, and 50 employees.

New Hires

New hires need to be provided with a minimum of 10 documents, including brochures on disability, paid family leave, sexual harassment, workers comp, and wage notification. City of San Diego employees also are required to be provided a sick leave and minimum wage employee notification form. Important to check on-boarding practices.

Prepare For 2018 New California Employment Laws

Make sure your business is ready for these significant new employment laws that will affect California businesses and employers throughout 2018. If you need help with your HR department, Pro Back Office offers outsourced HR services to help your business with its hiring and employment needs. Contact us now at 877-868-6164 or use our online contact form.