Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and distributors face unique challenges both domestically and internationally, including increasing labor costs, growing international competition, regulatory compliance, increasing healthcare costs, a decreasing labor market, and the ability to accurately measure their product costs.

PBO Advisory helps you find solutions to manage these challenges. Our senior-level professionals provide the information and support you need to make better informed business decisions.

Our talented team can assist you in the following areas:

  • Inventory management and control
  • New product manufacturing costs determinations and expected gross margins prior to product launch
  • Testing and maintaining products costs including standard, actual, weighted average, and other costing methods
  • Factory and labor utilization and capacities for those that manufacture their products at their own facilities.
  • Job costing for construction and other projects
  • Augment internal controls
  • Fraud forensics, HR, accounting, internal control, and business continuity assessments
  • Human Capital consulting
  • Business and operations advisory services
  • Accounting and HR outsource support
  • ERTC