Experienced Finance Professionals are Vital to the Success of Life Science Companies

The life science industry is filled with professionals who focus on specialized areas – research, clinical trials, partnering and so on. You wouldn’t hire a generalist for roles that require highly specialized skills. You also shouldn’t hire a generalist accounting and finance team. Life science companies need specific expertise in the lab and in the accounting and finance department.

PBO Advisory Group has the precise experience you need. We have a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in accounting and finance for the life science industry, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and diagnostics. We understand the unique challenges that face your industry and have a treasure trove of skills, resources, and connections.

The PBO Advisory team has successfully worked with dozens of life science companies from founding through acquisition or IPO and beyond. Some entrepreneurs have used our team for multiple companies they have started. We can operate as your entire outsourced accounting and finance department or provide outsourced professionals to supplement skills not found in your in-house team.

What PBO Advisory Group Brings to Life Science Companies

From our years of working with life science companies, PBO Advisory Group has gained capabilities and knowhow that far exceed our competitors. Our seasoned team takes these best practices and lessons learned and applies them to the operational aspects of life science companies.

In addition to our suite of scalable servicesFractional CFOs, accounting, business advisory, compliance and human resources – we provide the life science industry value-added services and resources, including:

  • Funding knowledge, including how life science investments are successfully structured and insights into the various funding platforms
  • Connections to funders, law firms and other professional service providers who specialize in the industry
  • Regulatory experience with a thorough understanding of audits that keep processes and costs in check as well as Sarbanes Oxley compliance and testing for public companies
  • Government grants administration and compliance with a deep grasp of the landmines companies face if grants are not handled properly
  • Training and mentoring of junior accounting staff by our senior outsourced team
  • Communications and consultation with leadership who rely on quality financials and data
  • Board and investor relations reporting often required for investors and board members
  • Human resources services ranging from recruiting, hiring, and training across multiple departments to benefits creation/administration, terminations, and more

PBO Advisory Group’s Life Science team is ready to increase the effectiveness of your finance accounting and HR functions. Contact us for more information.

Jennifer Rebis