Life Science Companies and the Challenges of Managing Growth

Life Science companies are experiencing constant and rapid growth, taxing the bandwidth and patience of founders, the management team, the HR department, recruits, and new employees.

A proven solution is the outsourcing of various human resource functions to skilled professionals with the experience and knowhow to assist life science companies in quickly solving these growth issues.

At PBO Advisory Group, we have successfully worked with dozens of life science companies, providing consulting and outsourcing services in HR as well as finance, accounting, and more.

We understand that many companies, from start-up to established, in the life science industry are struggling to keep up with their growth demands, including everything from hiring and training to discipline and termination. Our team operates as your outsourced HR department or provides the skills missing from your existing HR staff, including high-level and leadership roles.

Our team has helped create and build effective HR departments. As a leading provider of outsourced HR services, we are uniquely positioned to help you more efficiently manage your growth needs.

PBO Advisory Group’s Life Science Growth Management Services
  • Hiring, onboarding, and termination
  • Orientation, training, and development
  • Strategic compensation and benefits assistance to attract and keep top talent
  • Develop, review, and update employee policies and handbooks
  • Workplace compliance requirements
  • Remote work policies
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement and culture change
  • EEO compliance
  • Training, including harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion
  • Employment recordkeeping and records retention
  • Workplace posting requirements

This case study demonstrates how PBO Advisory Group assisted a life science company build its HR infrastructure.

If you are in need of experienced, cost-effective assistance in managing your life science company’s growth and HR management, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

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Laura Nieman, PHR

HR Service Line Director