Human Resources Foundation Assessments

PBO Advisory Group’s human capital advisors assess and evaluate the human resources function as a whole. With your HR department fully functioning in support of your business strategies, performance is optimized, communication is enhanced, and sustainable growth is supported.

Partnering with our clients, we develop a detailed plan to address compliance gaps, development of HR team, and utilization of HRIS or other identified HR technology to streamline the HR function. We also develop specific priorities and recommendations to align your HR department with your business strategy.

PBO Advisory Group’s HR outsourced professionals will work with you to implement some or all aspects of the plan, either at your offices or remotely. Our full-service HR services range from recruiting and onboarding to discipline and termination. We also help build-out internal HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all governing law and regulations.

The specific components of a Human Resources Foundation Assessment include:

  • Qualitative interviews with key staff to discuss business strategies and current pain points
  • Company assessment of HR foundation to identify gaps in policy, SOPs, and compliance reporting
  • Identify strengths and gaps for current HR team and future HR workforce needs
  • Assess current HR structure in alignment with business growth strategy
  • Assess current HR technology systems leveraged to perform HR function
  • Evaluate various HR workflows to identify inefficiencies (high-level)