How Outsourced Services are Helping Businesses Grow

Twenty years ago, outsourcing was a relatively new concept. In the span of a generation, outsourced business services have become essential for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. In a recent San Diego Business Journal listing for the fastest growing private companies, there were 4 outsourced service providers in the Top 10, including Pro Back Office which landed as the 5th fastest growing business in San Diego.  

Most entrepreneurs think they can solely manage and perform all aspects of their business. As a direct result of this assumption the growth of their business does not reach maximum potential or efficiency and their expansion is stalled. However, by using an outsourcing approach on select areas of the business this allows owners to channel their energy and resources into developing their business and generating more revenue.

Today’s technology has transformed the outsourcing game, making it increasingly accessible for small and mid-size businesses. Technology now gives qualified outsourced professionals the ability to work from virtually anywhere. The first step for entrepreneurs is to figure out how to build their business with help from outside professionals like Pro Back Office. Pro Back Office offers a wide variety of valuable outsourcing services tailored for your business. Some of these services include financial consulting, human resources, bookkeeping/accounting, administrative support, and payroll administration.

Pro Back Office will construct an effective outsourcing plan which can and will bolster your business’ bottom line. But first, it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror at your business and decide which processes could use some much-needed streamlining. Are you doing everything you can to ensure that your business is running at its fullest potential?

The Time is Now: How to Improve Your Business With Outsourced Solutions

Outsourcing is an incredible asset, we know what a great deal your enterprise means to you. With that being said, we also understand making the switch to outsourcing – even small, measured steps – can be a challenging proposition for many firms, startups, and sole proprietorships. Give your business a much needed honest assessment of its current capabilities. Be proactive and think long-term; It is imperative to gain perspective of how business growth will impact your functional capacity in the months and years to come.

Improving your financial literacy can and will help your business in the long run. You can make a changeright now. Below is a list of questions Pro Back Office has compiled that will help determine if outsourcing is the solution for you. Let’s review these few questions and begin that positive change now, check them off as we go.

Is Outsourcing Your Solution?

  • Does your firm need “fractional” or part-time highly skilled executive expertise in finance, accounting, and HR?
  • Do you have in-house staff to handle daily activities, but need expert help to undertake new projects that don’t warrant another full-time employee?
  • Are you and your current employees unable to manage the day-to-day business of your company and build the business satisfactorily?
  • Do you feel like you are the only person in your company who could do the work efficiently so you want involvement and need control over everything?
  • Do your employees have the right experience to handle each of the operational tasks?
  • Would it be helpful if you had a single-source solution for dealing with other professional organizations? (For example, Pro Back Office works with CPAs, bankers and insurance brokers on your behalf.)
  • Are you in compliance with state and federal employment laws?
  • Are you overwhelmed with recruiting, hiring and talent retention efforts?
  • From a high-level perspective, is your company capable of handling financial audits, developing internal controls to prevent fraud and other     project-based efforts required for growth?

The purpose of these questions are to assist you in identifying your need for outsourced accounting and HR business consulting. When determining which areas require the most immediate help, be honest. Ask tough questions. An up-front assessment should examine every operation that directly impacts your profit margin. Ask yourself this question: “Is my business getting maximum return on investment (ROI) from internal process and external business interactions?” If you answered yes, then your business can benefit from outsourcing.

Optimize Your Resources and Leverage Unique Expertise 

Perspective is everything. Sometimes, looking at your business problems from a different perspective can make you see things in a completely different light. It makes a serious difference and can be the catalyst for an incredible new venture within your business.

Pro Back Office is an outsourced company that specializes in providing human resource management, bookkeeping, and high-level accounting to small and mid-size businesses. They are also adept at helping businesses navigate other operational needs, including: M&A services, due diligence, acquisition analysis, post-merger integration, business planning & forecasting, internal controls, financial modeling, forensic & fraud investigations, and business process & technology improvement.

Pro Back Office is the preferred accounting and HR outsourced business solutions provider for small to mid-size businesses across Southern California, the Phoenix metro area and beyond. From improved ROI to proper delegation of business duties, Pro Back Office provides robust, full-scale flexibility to handle all of your business challenges.

If you’re ready to take the next step and explore outsourced business services, call us today at 858-622-1681. You can also send us a secure message on our contact page.


Mike Ford
Co-Founder and Chairman of PBO
Mike is a Co-Founder and Chairman of PBO and has been providing direction and advice to the company for the past three years. He has more than 30 years of management consulting, business advisory and outsourcing experience, and provided services to more than 400 clients throughout the West Coast in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.