Help in Understanding and Navigating the ERTC Program

When the federal government established the Employee Retention Tax Credit program in 2020, it created an instant need for expertise in understanding and navigating the program. Realizing the significance of the program to businesses of all sizes, PBO Advisory Group jumped right in to learn about it and help our clients gain ERTC refunds.

To date, we have assisted nearly 500 companies in determining their eligibility and filing for their refunds. With our help, these clients have received a total of more than $150 million in refunds from the government. Our team is proud that we have been able to help so many companies in gaining these critical cash reimbursements.

If you have not yet considered if your company is eligible for the ERTC program, we encourage you to do so. We have worked with many employers who initially thought they were not eligible. Others assumed that the refund they would receive would be so small that the hassle of filing wouldn’t be worth the process involved, only to be surprised to find this wasn’t true.

Determining your eligibility is the first step in the ERTC process. Working with a PBO Advisory consultant who will examine your employment records and revenue during specific time periods during the COVID pandemic, you will quickly determine how much of a refund you are entitled to receive. We will then assist you in completing the appropriate forms and filing with the government.

You may have seen advertisements that note companies can receive up to $26,000 per employee. While this is the maximum allowed under the ERTC program, in our experience, the typical amount is much less. However, it is still funds that you are entitled to receive. The refund comes in the form of a cash reimbursement, not a credit as the name suggests, so you immediately benefit once your check is received.

PBO Advisory is a leader in navigating companies of all sizes, in a multitude of industries, through the ERTC process. Few companies have the ERTC understanding and hands-on experience of our team. We have also written extensively about the program, including updates and observations we have gained through our ERTC work.

Below is more information we have compiled about the ERTC program that may answer any questions you have. Please reach out to us directly to see how we can help.

PBO Advisory Group’s Recent ERTC Insights


Mike Ford

Managing Director/Founding Member