Happy National Accounting Day

May 19 is National Accounting Day and a very special day for us!

Do you know that PBO Advisory Group has over 40 accountants and CPAs on our team? That’s over .0028% of the ~1.4 million U.S. accountants (accountants love percentages!).

While .0028% may not seem like a lot, it actually is. For advisory and outsourcing firms like ours, 40+ accountants out of our total team of 63 accounting, finance, business, and HR/HC professionals, is quite high.

Please join us as we celebrate our talented, hardworking, and highly skilled accountants of whom we couldn’t be prouder…and all the accountants who balance the books and keep our country going!

Another interesting stat is the number of CPAs we have on our team.

There are more than 653,000 actively licensed CPAs in California. PBO Advisory is home to 12 or nearly .0018% (CPAs love percentages, too!). Another way to crunch that number is almost 20% of our team are CPAs – a very high percentage for a firm of our size.

All CPAs are accountants but not all accountants are CPAs. Becoming a CPA requires education, experience, and testing beyond a degree in accounting. CPAs are licensed by a professional governing body, require continuing education, are held to professional standards and ethics, and have a fiduciary standard to put their clients’ interest first, above all else.

We may be biased but we think that not only is it incredible that we have so many CPAs at PBO Advisory, but we also have the best.

PBO Advisory Group’s great group of CPAs: