Financial Management Services to Prepare for an Acquisition

PBO Advisory Group is always ready to help clients fulfill a multitude of advisory roles such as the work that we recently performed for a company that needed assistance completing due diligence leading up to a sale of their business.

PBO Advisory was introduced to a privately-held B2B and B2C financial literacy company when they received an offer to purchase the business. Although the company had not previously considered selling, the company decided to pursue the offer. However, in order to complete the sale of the company, they would have to complete the due diligence process with fast approaching deadlines.  The company did not have the internal capacity to complete the due diligence process in the manner that was necessary to close the deal.

Without the internal resources to get through the process, including producing a quality of earnings report, a net working capital calculation and a thorough reconciliation of revenue recognition, some of the key components of the due diligence checklist – one of our PBO Advisory controllers stepped in. She guided them through the process to ensure all due diligence items were completed in a timely manner.

Our controller assembled a PBO Advisory team to tackle the due diligence checklist, review and finalize the financials, and make sure the transaction went smoothly and closed quickly.

After the sale closed, the owner reached out to PBO Advisory to express his appreciation, specifically noting the attitude of our staff, and the quality of work produced. He was thrilled with the results and we were happy to help.

To learn more about PBO Advisory’s services, including how we might be able to help you through a purchase of a business or a sale of your business, please contact Francesca San Diego.

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