ERTC and Craft Breweries

PBO Advisory Group has been asked by the California Craft Brewers Association to speak at an upcoming webinar about how its members can benefit from the Employee Retention Tax Credit. We’ve helped several breweries – as well as restaurants and many other types of businesses – apply for and receive the federal payroll tax credit and we are honored by the invitation to provide valuable information about the ERTC to the CCBA.

Before December 2020, employers in virtually all industries were allowed to take either the ERTC or receive a Payroll Protection Program loan, but not both. Significant revisions were made to the stimulus package on December 27 which now allows most employers to receive both the ERTC and PPP.

Many employers, both large and small, are mistaken that there isn’t much benefit in applying for the ERTC. In fact, we’ve helped companies, including breweries, receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits.

If you think that you might be eligible for the ERTC or just aren’t sure, we’d be happy to talk with you and explain the eligibility requirements and your potential payroll tax credit.

Please contact Mike Ford, our managing director, for more information.

Mike Ford

Managing Director/Founding Member