Employee Spotlight: Verna Wong

This month, PBO Advisory Group shines our employee spotlight on Verna Wong, one of our newest team members. Verna joined PBO Advisory as a Consulting Chief People Officer in June 2022 bringing several years of experience in human resources, professional and organizational development consulting, strategic business and more. She is extremely skilled in helping organizations achieve their goals by implementing and strengthening both people and operations.

In her new role at PBO Advisory, Verna is responsible for reimagining the people function, culture, structure, and policies of our clients. She leads a variety of HR projects and provides strategic advice to our HR Consulting team and assists with client management.

Verna was first introduced to PBO Advisory’s Consulting Chief People Officer Nicole Devine by a former manager of one of her colleagues and lifelong friends. She immediately liked her and was drawn to our company because she identified the structure and operations with long-term success and a wide array of possibilities for the future. In her short time with our team, one of her favorite aspects about working at PBO Advisory is the collaboration and accommodation displayed by her colleagues. She is excited to continue developing her career by learning from her peers and sharing the knowledge she has acquired along the way.

Verna is motivated by her passion for helping individuals and organizations grow and thrive to strengthen our communities and create opportunities for families. This not only inspires her professional career but is also a driving force in her personal life.

Outside of the office, one of Verna’s favorite ways to spend her free time is to volunteer. One of her favorite quotes is “Gratitude changes everything,” and she is especially passionate about donating her time to organizations that serve the most vulnerable people and groups within our communities.

Following the pandemic, one of Verna’s personal goals has been to reconnect in-person with family and friends.

Welcome to the PBO Advisory team, Verna! We are so excited to have you on board.