Employee Spotlight: Sonya Schakel

Sonya Schakel has been working with Pro Back Office for about three years. While Sonya is currently a Senior Accounting Manager at the San Diego office, her professional goal is to become a Controller. She enjoys working with PBO’s diverse clientele helping them optimize their accounting systems — building solid foundations that increase efficiency.

Job Responsibilities as a Senior Accounting Manager

As a PBO senior accounting manager, I supervise and instruct the accounting staff, oversee accounting procedures and communicate with the client on account status and financial review on a regular basis.

What Led to Sonya to PBO (i.e. previous jobs / relationships with founders etc.) and what attracted you here?

After years and years of independent consulting, I felt it was time to move on to an organization that provided a flexible schedule, yet, a challenging work environment. I was introduced to PBO through an employee from Coastal Payroll that I was working with at that time, who thought PBO would be a prefect fit for me. And the rest is history…

What is your favorite part or proudest moment about working for PBO?

One of my favorite parts about working for PBO is the people I get to work with. My coworkers are the best and kindest people!

Any interesting stories about your background / where you grew up / favorite memory that you would like to share with readers?

One interesting thing about me that people may not know, is that I am an artist turned accountant. I love to paint and take photographs!

I was born in Chicago, but the majority of my life has been here, growing up in the North County San Diego area. I married my high school sweet heart, Jake! We got married at Las Rocas resort in Baja California, have two children and live on the coast in Encinitas.

Do you have a favorite quote / motto / personal mantra?

As I say to my family, friends, staff and myself, “You got this! Go for it!”

Tell us something about your family or yourself that is interesting or would like to share with readers. (sports / hobbies / children / travels)

We do so much!! Kids, football, basketball, soccer, dancing, cooking, surfing, traveling, painting, reading, laughing, partying, and enjoying each other!!