Employee Spotlight: Senior Accounting Manager, Chrissy Chambers

Chrissy Chambers, Senior Accounting Manager at Pro Back Office San Diego, finds excitement in the importance of her work and the impact it has for her clients. “It takes a certain kind of person to find daily accounting exciting. I find my work-related excitement in the types of organizations we serve. Learning new industries and interesting companies keeps my brain invested in our work as I learn the ins and outs and rules that I may not have had to utilize in other industries before coming to Pro Back Office.”

Job Responsibilities as Senior Accounting Manager

As a Senior Accounting Manager, I oversee varying levels of the accounting staff–from associate staff to senior accountants and bookkeepers–as well as completing financial statements for clients. There are many other items that I may facilitate depending upon the client, such as cash flow, budgeting or forecasting.

What Led Chrissy to Pro Back Office?

We spend so much of our time at work over the course of our lives that, when possible, it is important to be happy at work. I did not fit in culturally at my last job, so I wrapped up my work at my employer and started to look for my right fit. Laura Niemen, our head of HR, overheard me talking about employment and suggested that PBO might be what I am looking for. Laura and I would run together so she already knew my personality.  After interviewing with the management team, I was sold.  I love the “work smarter, not harder” mentality and appreciate that they didn’t sugar coat how the consulting lifestyle is not for everyone – I appreciated the balance of honesty and excitement.

What is Your Favorite Part of Working for PBO?

My favorite part of working for PBO is the flexibility.  There is always work to be done, but I can do it from almost anywhere when needed. This enables me to keep a work-life balance that I was not able to have before.

Any Interesting Stories About Your Background?

Thanks to financially savvy parents, I learned how to balance a checkbook in 2nd grade.  In 3rd grade my dad came into my class to teach everyone how to write a check and balance a checkbook as part of an integration of cursive writing lessons and math class.

Favorite Quote, Motto, or Personal Mantra

I try to enjoy the Wednesdays as much as I enjoy the Saturdays.  The work we put in, the time we spend getting somewhere is not to be discounted. We need to find joy in the boring, joy in the hardships and joy in the sacrifice, otherwise, we are wasting our lives.