Employee Spotlight: Sandra Garza

This month, we’d like to introduce Sandra Garza, a star Pro Back Office member who’s been with us for a year and half as a Staff Accountant. She started with us after her previous employer was sold to an out-of-state company. Her previous employer happened to be a client of PBO as well and since then, Sandra’s interest in PBO was sparked. Some of her favorite aspects about PBO are the flexibility and duty diversity that they offer to her as an Staff Accountant. Currently, she manages 4 clients all while reconciling QBO systems, arranging weekly check runs from beginning to end, and updating cash flows on a weekly basis. When she first started at PBO, she was especially excited and proud to be a team member of one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego as well as a company that was nominated as the best places to work. Beyond this, Sandra also enjoys the Bonusly system. This system gives Sandra a feeling of appreciation, reward and encouragement. She gets this feeling after she learns new tricks on tackling her daily tasks and after taking on an extra task successfully.

In addition to the Bonusly system, Sandra is motivated by those surrounding her. She has a lot of respect and admiration for her fellow PBO partners and her family. She works hard for her family in order to provide moments that make life special and fun. This goes to show that at PBO, the culture helps energize and motivate everyone around you just like with Sandra!

She has high hopes for the new training program that PBO is implementing. The new training program has many categories that Sandra can’t wait to take part in not only for her professionalism but also for her personal life as well. Sandra’s go-getter attitude really exudes since she enjoys seeing how far she can push herself. Now that’s what we call dedication!

Before PBO, Sandra grew up in Spring, Texas. A moment that was truly inspiring for herself was when she won 1st place at a Gymnastic Competition. She was rewarded her medal by elite gymnastics Martha & Bela Karolyi, Dominique Moceanu, and Kim Zmeskal. She also has two younger brothers which one of the brothers will be graduating with a Masters in Psychology this month! She hopes to one day visit Spain and experience the rich culture for herself.

Sandra’s favorite quote is by Mark Twain, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” We definitely know that Sandra lives by this quote with all the work she’s started and accomplished at PBO! We’re proud to have Sandra as a Staff Accountant and we can’t thank her enough!