Employee Spotlight: Rick Dahlseid

This month PBO is recognizing Rick Dahlseid for his outstanding performance as a consulting CFO. Rick has been with PBO for 8 months and is spearheading our nonprofit sector.  As a consulting CFO, Rick is often credited with helping nonprofit organizations with financial management and planning for their future. Rick also advises executives and board members on the best practices in the nonprofit sector, all while working with their accounting teams to implement improvements and initiatives.

According to Rick, the way PBO treats employees through competitive compensation and benefits is one of the reasons he originally came to PBO. Rick admires how PBO cares for employees by helping them develop their careers via the company-wide mentorship program. Rick was also impressed with the numerous company accomplishments that PBO has achieved within a short period of time. Rick’s favorite part about working with PBO is hearing all the positive feedback from his clients, as well as working with his PBO teammates to ensure the best client service. Overall, Rick appreciates PBO’s emphasis on the importance of teamwork and goal setting in our corporate culture.

Rick is motivated by his desire to assist organizations that focus on bettering the community and helping those in need. The feedback that Rick receives from his clients reassures him that he’s achieving his goals. Ultimately, Rick knows that if he has left his client or its staff in a better place than when he first started working with them, his purpose has been met. With that being said, Rick is always grateful for every opportunity he gets to make a difference which fuels him to keep going.

When Rick’s out of the office, you’ll see him spending time with his family! He’s been married to his wife for 39 years and they have 3 wonderful children and 3 amazing grandchildren. Since Rick and his family moved to San Diego 2 years ago, they have loved exploring the city, walking on the beach, watching movies and sampling delicious food in the area! He’s also started to teach classes on nonprofit topics for the University of San Diego, which is well known for its nonprofit institute.

Rick hopes to help the growth of PBO’s nonprofit sector and provide meaningful training to the PBO team that serves this sector. PBO is fortunate to have a caring and accomplished employee like Rick who has already begun trailblazing his goals in the office!