Employee Spotlight: Meet Michael

  • Above Michael is pictured (second from right) with his fellow PBO team.

Michael LaMoureaux has been a senior accountant at Pro Back Office for the past two and a half years. He is originally from Bakersfield, CA where it reaches temperatures of 110 degrees during the summers. Growing up in a town that emits a very “small-town” feel Michael was inspired to get creative as a child to keep himself entertained and busy. Being the youngest in his family, he and his siblings began an active and adventurous lifestyle at an early age. Swimming and using make-shift rope swings to hurl themselves into the Kern river and playing a multitude of sports were a few things Michael and his siblings did for fun as kids. However, one sport that always stuck with him was golf. Michael is an avid and advanced golfer who began playing the sport at age seven. Him and his father would frequently visit the driving range in the Bakersfield heat. Michael quickly picked up the “Greatest Game Ever Played” and developed his skills by observing exceptional golfers at the range, and mimicking their form and swing. He participated in Junior Golf Tournaments during the summers and played on his high school team. For five years Michael lived on a golf course, where every day after school he would hop the fence and play golf until he couldn’t see his ball anymore. Michael has played at numerous country clubs with beautiful courses, but by far his most preferred course is the Red Woods Golf Course. Michael describes his being in his favorite place, “There is nothing better than playing in Red Woods.” He has recently bought a brand new pair of Callaway Blades, always challenging himself to improve in the sport he loves.

Michael moved to San Diego in 2008 where he attended USD for a year then transferred to SDSU, graduating with an Economics degree in 2012. Before working at Pro Back Office he interned at LPL Financial. Even with an economics degree, Michael has always had a great interest in accounting. He is a jack of all trades, handling operational, accounting, billing and cloud management.  He loves working at Pro Back Office; he believes the company to be very different and distinguished from others because of the work atmosphere and environment co-founders Jenn and Mike have created. Having previous experience with big corporations, Michael states that is one major contrast with Pro Back Office: he is making a true difference in his work at PBO and does not feel like just “another numbered employee.” Michael interacts directly with clients, which in turn allows him to see immediate and undeviating results from his hard work. A rewarding and effective system that employees love generated by Jenn and Mike. Because of this system Michael and his fellow employees can first-handedly witness the growth of clients which proves gratifying and enriching for PBO’s staff. Another aspect about PBO that Michael admires is the welcoming environment. With the new location of San Diego office, the inside of PBO radiates a stylish and modern ambiance, with a comfortable and relaxed feel. Michael says, “we can sit anywhere but can also come together and consolidate with one another.” The internal support system PBO has constructed is one of the many things that makes working for them hardly “work” at all.

When Michael is not playing golf or helping Pro Back Office grow, you can find him brewing beer with his brother-in-law or visiting his nieces and family in Tahoe. His brother-in-law is a biochemist for Johnson &Johnson who taught Michael how to brew beer. Michael has now been successfully brewing beer for the past two years. Aside from the Red Woods Golf Course, Michael’s absolute favorite place to be is sailing in Lake Tahoe with his family during the summer, or skiing during the winters. His favorite food is Italian and plans to take a trip to Italy sometime in the next year.