Employee Spotlight: Meet Larissa

Larissa Thunder has been with Pro Back Office for three years. She is hard working and does whatever it takes to keep her clients happy. This attitude has been part of the reason she has moved up quickly in the company. Like many of the employees at PBO, Larissa cares about providing exceptional accounting services she can stand behind.

Now as a Senior Accounting Manager, Larissa is confident in giving the clients she works with the best services she is capable of. She says that PBO is dedicated to creating the most ideal work place for their employees. Because of this dedication and the support of the team, Larissa is able to be successful at work while working on her master’s degree in forensic accounting. In addition to work and her studies, Larissa is a mother of three, avid horseback rider, and girl scout leader.

Larissa is the oldest child in her family. Originally born in Wisconsin Larissa and her family moved to Thousand Oaks, California when she was just two years old. Growing up in a small town and attending a high school with only 100 students had it’s perks and downfalls. She learned from both.

Since she was 15 years old, Larissa knew she would pursue a career in accounting. It was during this time that one of her favorite and most influential teachers told her she would make an incredible accountant. Larissa has always enjoyed investigating and finding answers to questions. She graduated from San Diego State University. Having a deep entrepreneurial spirit, Larissa opened her own bookkeeping business in Ocean Beach as a student at SDSU. It wasn’t too long after she closed her store front that Larissa met her husband Mark. He is a professional engineer and they have been married for 10 years. Together they have two girls and a boy ages 7-12.

Larissa’s future plans include finishing up her master’s degree and travelling after her graduation. She and her husband love to bike ride. They intend to bike through Europe and visit the South of France. When asked what her favorite quote is, she responded without hesitation: “To thine own self be true.”