Employee Spotlight: Lorin Port

This month PBO Advisory Group turns our employee spotlight on Lorin Port!

Lorin is PBO Advisory’s resident matchmaker. Although she isn’t arranging marriages, she is matching up our clients with the most suitable PBO Advisory staff members to meet our clients’ needs.

According to Lorin, “When I can learn about what a client or potential client needs, it excites me to be able to match PBO’s talented staff to these engagements.” Lorin, who is a Senior Controller at PBO Advisory, “truly loves helping clients run their accounting, finance and HR departments as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

Working for our group for more than two years now, Lorin came to us after many years of full-time positions. At PBO Advisory, Lorin says she has the perfect balance of professionalism and job satisfaction.

I am thankful every day for what I have and never forget the challenges I have overcome to get here. And my glass is always half full… Lorin’s personal mantra

A former competitive cyclist who competed at the National Championships and qualified for the Olympic Trials, Lorin looks forward to focusing more of her time providing helpful and cost-effective options and services to non-profit sector clients.

Although she is dedicated to finding perfect matches professionally, personally, Lorin is all set. Five years ago, she married the love of her life and between the two, they have four grown children.