Employee Spotlight: Linda Boggioni, Senior Bookkeeper, San Diego Office

As a Senior Bookkeeper at Pro Back Office, Linda Boggioni has been helping her clients build their businesses for the past three years. Linda approaches each client with enthusiasm and creative problem solving. She loves a challenge, but it’s her tenacity that makes her a great negotiator. Linda’s passion makes her a dynamic employee for the Pro Back Office team.


Job Responsibilities as Senior Bookkeeper

For most of my clients, I am responsible for: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations of bank accounts, credit cards, and payroll processing.


What Led Linda to Pro Back Office?

I was looking to make a change and someone in my social network encouraged me to send my resume. I was attracted to PBO because, even though the type of work was the same that I had been doing, it was a young and growing company. I was drawn to the variety of the work and flexibility. After being at the same company for 28 years and then 7.5 at the following, not being stuck in the same office was very exciting.


What is Your Favorite or Proudest Moment Working for PBO?

I love a challenge. Successfully negotiating down an old debt is always rewarding and good for a client. But my favorite moment was when I discovered that water was being stolen from one of my clients and what we worked together to stop it.


Any Interesting Stories About Your Background?

I grew up in the Midwest. My parents owned a small farm and we always teased them that they had 5 children to do all the farm chores. To this day, I’m still an early riser – usually up at 4 a.m. Favorite memory would be having the experience of assisting with the births of all the animals and taking care of them. I loved watching the runt of the piglets and making sure that it got enough to eat. Many times this meant that it was hand fed and cared for. It was my version of a doll, “Never cared for Barbie.”


Favorite Quote, Motto, or Personal Mantra

“We will just get it done.”


Linda Boggioni Personal Note

I’ve always liked a challenge. When I was in high school, I played trumpet during concert season but wanted to do something different during marching season. A friend played tuba and suggested that I might enjoy it also. I approached the band director and he said, “No way.   You’re not big enough to carry a tuba.” I was only 5-foot-tall, and the tuba weighed about 24 pounds. I kept at him every day until he gave in and said he would let me try it for a week. Played tuba all 4 years of high school and even marched in the 4th of July parade in San Francisco.