Employee Spotlight: Kathleen Cravo

Our breezy San Diego air has turned crisp, signifying the autumn season is upon us. Halloween candy, hot soups and pumpkin-flavored everything guides us into the holiday season, and we’re reminded soon it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas once more. But first, for the month of October, Pro Back Office (PBO) is proud and honored to feature Kathleen Cravo for our Employee Spotlight.

Kathleen Cravo has been with PBO as a controller for a little over two years. She made the move from the east to west coast, Massachusetts to sunny San Diego 11 years ago. As a controller, Kathleen’s responsibilities vary. Her diverse set of duties is one of the reasons she enjoys working at PBO so much. One of Kathleen’s primary responsibilities includes overseeing her accounting managers’ and staff accountants’ work. Her job is to ensure all deadlines are hit and tasks are efficiently executed. She also works closely with clients, providing great communication throughout the process. Kathleen does a phenomenal job at verifying all her clients’ needs are being met, by truly understanding them and developing a step-by-step process for success. She continuously updates the client on the progress of her work. However, Kathleen’s main responsibility is being certain that all financials are immaculate, without error, and completed accurately for clients.

When asked where the motivation to perform with such precision and prosperity stems from, Kathleen responded that she has always enjoyed accounting. In college she was originally a business administration major but switched over to accounting after discovering her love for it. Kathleen states, “I know to some people accounting is intimidating or boring, but I like the structure.  What motivates me is simple – I just want to do a good job and provide the best service to my clients.  I hate when I make mistakes, so I am always trying to improve my skills and the quality of my work.”

Kathleen also conducts a lot of work with non-profit organizations, something she is very fond of. She’s most excited about her accounting work for non-profits because she believes in the values they embrace and promote. Kathleen states, “There’s something special about working with organizations that focus on improving people’s lives.”

Before working at Pro Back Office, Kathleen was a consultant for another firm. Like many other employees at PBO, Kathleen first heard of PBO from a friend’s recommendation. She witnessed first-hand the unique culture and close-knit environment of PBO. Right off the bat, she was given the impression that the owners really cared about their employees, immediately attracting her to the company. Today, Kathleen’s favorite part about working at Pro Back Office is helping train and support staff accountants and accounting managers to advance themselves, and therefore the team collectively. She is a valuable asset to the team who radiates sincerity, hard work, and leadership. Pro Back Office is appreciative and grateful to have her!

Kathleen has two kitty cats, Lexi and Riley, who really know how to help her kick back and relax after a busy day. Pets bring such joy to our lives; they serve as our friends and are always there when we need them and Kathleen’s cats Lexi and Riley do just this for her. Aside from her work and home life, Kathleen enjoys travelling and is planning to take a trip abroad soon. She hasn’t decided exactly where yet, but it will be an adventure nonetheless!

Thank you, Kathleen, for all the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm you bring to Pro Back Office. We are proud to have you.