Employee Spotlight: Jessilyn Fortuna

This month we turn the PBO Advisory Employee Spotlight on… Jessilyn Fortuna!

It was over brunch with a friend that HR Consultant Jessilyn Fortuna came to join PBO Advisory Group. She calls the opportunity to work with us “A perfect match at the perfect time.”

As a young child, although very shy and introverted, Jessilyn felt responsible for making others feel comfortable. She still carries that with her today.

In her role as an HR consultant, Jessilyn enjoys helping our clients, their employees and recruits, and filling positions with the right people. She also likes the professional relationships she has built with her fellow PBO team members.

 “I am motivated by coming through and finding that perfect person for the job.”

We are delighted that Jessilyn has joined the team and is able to do what she loves here at PBO Advisory Group.