Employee Spotlight: Gabriel Romero

Gabriel Romero began his journey with Pro Back Office (PBO) three years ago as a Staff Accountant and is currently in the process of becoming a CPA. With three out of the four CPA certification exams passed, he is waiting on his last exam results, which will be released in September. Gabriel’s primary role at PBO involves working with non-profit clients, where he is responsible for the administration of their financial, capital, and human resources. His tasks encompass maintaining the financial bookkeeping system, including accounts payable, payroll, and cash receipts. He also balances accounts, ledgers, reconciles bank statements, prepares financial statements, and creates annual budgets.

Visualization of the end result is what motivates Gabriel. “Having goals to meet, along with a strong strategy for accomplishing them helps me keep focused. To deliver and ensure that clients get the best service I can offer is important, not only to me personally, but forPro Back Office. I always want to provide top-notch accounting services.”

Accounting has always been intriguing to Gabriel due to its intellectually challenging nature, which he enjoys. He is a learner at heart and attributes his college accounting classes as the reason for his strong interest in the field. In college, he learned about financial statements and how to gauge a company’s ability to generate revenue and profit. “I’m grateful to be part of an industry where I can enhance my skills in a hands-on way, while applying my knowledge to current and future clients.”

PBO’s willingness to be flexible as he completed his studies full-time, is what attracted Gabriel the most to Pro Back Office. Gabriel soon experienced how well PBO treats their employees, what the company believes in, and what they’re working towards. It was a “no-brainer” to stay after graduation. Gabriel’s favorite part of working for PBO is the honest leadership and clear vision the company demonstrates, “They provide transparency and I’m proud to know where the company is going and what it represents.”

Gabriel enjoys the outdoors, in fact, he recently returned from an overdue vacation to Hawaii, where he hiked Haumama Falls in Kane’ohe, near Honolulu. The hike is tucked away in the back of a valley and meandering its way through the forest, until reaching a stunning 40-foot waterfall –“It was an amazing experience.”

Gabriel’s personal mantra is “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” spoken by Bruce Lee.

Thanks Gabriel! Best of luck for your pending exams results. The PBO family is rooting for you.