Employee Spotlight: Eddy Addleson

This month we turn our PBO Advisory Employee Spotlight on Eddy Addleson (and his son, Ezra).

Eddy is cooking up HR policies for PBO Advisory’s clients and a lot more. This chef turned human resources consultant works with our clients to ensure their human resources practices follow state and federal laws. He also creates and edits handbooks, onboards employees, integrates HR information and payroll systems and much more.

Favorite Quote:
“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” – Anthony Bourdain

Before choosing HR as a career, Eddy attended culinary school with the intention of opening his own restaurant. After he was hired as HR coordinator for a restaurant group, he found that making genuine connections with people was just as enticing as making food! And at PBO Advisory, Eddy continues to work with our food and beverage clients.

When he isn’t working, Eddy enjoys cooking for his family and friends and trying new recipes from his ever-expanding cookbook collection.