Employee Spotlight: Cindy Cote

This month, PBO Advisory Group shines our employee spotlight on Cindy Cote, one of our consulting senior HR managers.

Cindy has experience in a broad array of HR topics, applying her knowledge to help clients with both day-to-day HR responsibilities and special projects. She is motivated by her ability to help clients accomplish their goals.

Drawn to PBO Advisory’s consulting model, Cindy joined the firm in February 2021. She was enticed by the flexibility and variety associated with consulting and enjoyed the interactions she had with other members of the PBO Advisory team during the interview process.

The persistent desire to learn new aspects of HR keeps her excited about and immersed in her work. She enjoys being surrounded by a team of knowledgeable HR professionals and consistently looks forward to opportunities to collaborate with her professional counterparts.

Cindy is a California native and a mother to two young boys who recently learned to ski and snowboard. She is looking forward to future family skiing adventures and has a personal goal of getting back into running and playing soccer.

Cindy’s “non-serious” motto is: “Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shorts. Eat the cake.”

We’re happy to have you on our team, Cindy!