Employee Spotlight: Alissa Kellogg, Staff Accountant, San Diego Office

Alissa Kellogg has been a staff accountant at Pro Back Office for more than three years. She enjoys working with clients and contributing to their success. She is currently studing to get her the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Management Accounting (CMA) certifications.

Job Responsibilities as a Staff Accountant

As a staff accountant, Alissa is responsible for data entry, bank reconciliations, accounts payable & receivable, record journal entries for ME close, cash flow forecasting, and generating financial statements.

What Led Alissa to Pro Back Office?

At the time, one of my friends worked with PBO and referred me. I was drawn to working for a company that would help me grow into a career while also allowing the flexibility to be present for my family.

What is Your Favorite or Proudest Moment Working for PBO?

I was able to help a client prevent a fraudulent transaction. I was CC’d on an email for a 1099 payment that was arranged through the client’s payroll company, all through email. It didn’t quite seem right and it was determined that my client’s email had been hacked – the hacker/perpetrator changed my client’s email address slightly and phrased the request in a similar writing style. The transfer was just under $6,000, so not a small amount of money. We were able to wave a red flag for the client and cancel the transfer that the payroll company had begun to process.

Any Interesting Stories About Your Background?

I grew up in a rural area of Oregon. As a youth, I longed to leave. But as I’ve gotten older I really love going back to visit. Not only because it’s beautiful and I have family there, but because it’s quiet and everyone drives slow 🙂

Favorite Quote, Motto, or Personal Mantra

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Alissa Kellogg Personal Note

My husband and I have been married for 14 years; he is a Senior Chief in the US Navy. We have two children, a son and daughter. Our daughter plays travel softball, so we spend a big part of our spare time taking her to tournaments and games.  Our family has spent some time in Europe and we look forward to eventually going back for another vacation.