Client Testimonial: NBS Government Finance Group

Nothing makes your day like a compliment for a job well done. Our client, NBS Government Finance Group, recently made our day with this testimonial. We are honored to work with this great organization and appreciate the kind words.

“Throughout my years in business, I have found that a different perspective from people outside of our company can provide new insights and lead to more stability and success. PBO Advisory Group has been that difference for NBS and we value their contributions.

We have worked with PBO Advisory professionals in the areas of strategic planning, finance/accounting, and human resources. They are a highly skilled team with dynamic and diverse skills and a pleasure to work with.

Initially, we used PBO Advisory to analyze costs and data associated with our ambulance services. Two of their senior staff accountants assisted us with the accounting and Excel functions and analysis needed to improve our services and our internal structure. The accountants were quite knowledgeable, efficient in their approach, and worked quickly to get us the information we needed.

We also worked with the PBO Advisory team when NBS needed to update and expand our strategic plan. One of their C-level professionals, Nicole Devine, led our management team through the process by gathering input via an in-house survey, moderating our live strategic planning meeting, outlining our next steps, and working with us to finalize our strategic plan. The experience was educational as well as enlightening for all of us involved. Nicole’s knowledge of business combined with her HR background was the perfect foundation to help us take a look at ourselves and where we wanted to go. She was able to streamline the process while paying attention to every detail and making sure all voices were heard. The result is a plan that addresses critical issues for the near- and long-term success of our company.

Most recently we turned to PBO Advisory and Nicole for an HR assessment. This process was new to us and we greatly appreciate the end result.  Nicole’s excellent communication skills were an important component of her assessment of our human resources policies, procedures, and people. She provided us with an assessment plan that enhances what we are doing well and provides steps to improve certain areas. This led to a CEO/C-suite leadership development program. Human resources is now an integrated component of our business and better supports our overall business goals.

Thanks to the excellent services provided by PBO Advisory, NBS is well prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges that await us. They have been an excellent partner and we look forward to future projects with the PBO Advisory team.”

Michael Rentner, CEO
NBS Government Finance Group