Celebrating Women’s History Month with PBO Advisory Group’s Jennifer Rebis

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we acknowledge the women who are a part of the PBO Advisory team.

We believe that each of our employees has unique talents, and we strive for inclusion and diversity in our workplace. With 67 percent of our team being women, we offer opportunities to excel in one’s profession while providing the flexibility to find balance between work and personal time.

Jennifer Rebis, CPA is a great example of a team member who has found professional growth and success at PBO Advisory.

Jennifer joined us five years ago as a senior finance consultant. She excelled in her position and in less than one year, Jennifer was promoted to be a part of our internal team, working alongside our Chief Financial Officer Francesca San Diego, in addition to her client work.

Jennifer has continued to work her way up the PBO Advisory ladder. She is now a member of our senior management team and co-leads the Outsourced Accounting service line with Fran.

When it comes to women in the workplace, Jennifer is quick to say, “Everyone is treated the same at PBO Advisory – we don’t see male vs. female.” We couldn’t agree more!

She credits the equality within our firm to Fran and Mike Ford, our managing director and founder, and their positive, supportive leadership of PBO Advisory. “The culture focuses on teamwork. Everyone cares about each other and is always willing to help,” she says.

Since high school, Jennifer has wanted to be an accountant. She finds helping clients achieve their goals rewarding and enjoys the variety of assignments. She also notes that working with a cross-section of clients allows the PBO Advisory team to advance more quickly. “You don’t have to wait for a position to open up as you would in-house to take on a new career opportunity. Such opportunities come naturally through our clients’ needs.”

She also appreciates the fact that PBO Advisory offers both accounting and HR services, giving clients a strong business foundation.

In 2023, Jennifer is excited to work on larger projects with a wider industry focus, including life sciences.

Happy Women’s History Month, Jennifer, and to all of our PBO Advisory team members – male and female!