Business Continuity Assessments

PBO Advisory Group’s business advisors work with clients to plan for disasters and prevent the risks associated with being unprepared. Our disaster planning services provide the assurance that your business is ready for any disaster-related challenge you may face.

Our business continuity planning encompasses multiple aspects of your business and delivers a financial and operational business continuity plan. This customized plan, based on your unique business model, is designed for quickly engaging your teams, activating contingency responses, providing work arounds, and much more. Responses to the various types of disasters that your business may encounter are detailed.

If you do experience a disaster, the PBO Advisory Group professionals can take a hands-on role in implementing your plan and restoring your company back to normal – or a new normal. Through our partner companies, we also provide information technology and marketing communications/PR disaster planning.

Our business continuity assessment and recovery planning includes:

  • One-on-one interviews with key members of your financial and operations team
  • Self-assessment questionnaire to help determine risk factors
  • Examination of multiple types of disasters, specific to your business
  • Review of current finance and operations systems for vulnerabilities

Business Disaster Planning Survey

Our short, easy to complete business disaster planning survey provides immediate results that analyze your risk level.