Avista Technologies: Making Waves in Water Treatment

This month, we turn our client spotlight on Avista Technologies, an innovator in membrane treatment solutions, which is critical to meet the global rising demand of ultra-pure water. Based in north San Diego County, PBO Advisory has worked with Avista for five years and together we’ve seen Avista become part of a major global brand.

Greg Leiser, Avista’s Executive Vice President of Finance and CFO, says it is a valued relationship between our two companies…and we couldn’t agree more.

Avista Technologies is in the water treatment business and plays a key role in meeting the growing demands and requirements for quality water around the world. The company provides chemicals, consulting services, and technology services for companies producing high-grade water and serves a broad range of industries. Avista is owned by and is a part of the global brand of Japan-based Kurita Group, whose “mission is to help human society and the natural environment coexist in prosperous harmony through water, by widely applying the technologies we have cultivated in water treatment.”

Avista is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to solve its customers’ most complex challenges with greater global awareness. This universal understanding is a result of the Avista Center of Excellence (CoE), where it unites Kurita companies worldwide in efforts to innovate, educate, and impact membrane system challenges faced by plant engineers and operators.

Before joining Avista, Greg was a member of our PBO Advisory team, where he served as one of our fractional CFOs for six years. Our team, with Greg as a key member, worked with Avista’s owner to help plan and execute their exit.

When the Kurita offer came a year later, our team jumped into due diligence mode while guiding the owners throughout the acquisition process. Greg and the team also worked closely with the venture capital group involved in the deal. Because Kurita is traded on the Japanese stock exchange, PBO Advisory’s advanced financial skills were greatly utilized to meet the requirements of a foreign public company. This was also a first-time sale of the company, so our team had to locate and create many documents key to the sale closing, which it did in May 2019. Due to the company’s financial needs becoming more extensive, Greg joined Avista full-time in 2020. PBO Advisory continues to work with the company.

PBO Advisory has provided multiple services for Avista throughout our relationship. On the financial side, we work closely with Avista’s team, in what Greg calls a “good balance of full-time accounting resources inhouse and at PBO.”  Among the many ongoing projects PBO Advisory works on, we assist with sophisticated financial reporting, which receives high marks from Kurita’s global business team in Japan.

On the HR side, Avista tapped into our assessment services in which we made recommendations for greater HR efficiencies and assisted with special projects. The PBO Advisory HR team is also available to work with Avista on an ongoing basis to help with a variety of needs, including compliance, payroll, and recruiting, as needed.

From planning for and helping with a successful acquisition to assisting with the ongoing needs of Avista Technologies, PBO Advisory is honored to work with a company whose mission is to make a difference “one membrane at a time” throughout the world.