Appreciating the Critical Role of Finance and Accounting Professionals

It’s Finance and Accounting Appreciation Week and it is with great pride that we give a shout out to the PBO Advisory Group’s team of 40 awesome F&A professionals and fractional CFOs. Each of them gives 110% to our clients and contributes so much to our firm. We truly appreciate them!

Did you know that:

  • The first use of accounting is traced back to ancient Mesopotamia more than 7,000 years ago?
  • The first woman accountant was certified in 1899?
  • An accountant invented bubblegum in 1928?

The finance and accounting roles are critical to the operations of virtually all aspects of an organization and their value is immeasurable. In fact, that’s why F&A professionals get a whole week to be appreciated!

At PBO Advisory, our finance and accounting professionals offer a wide range of services from accounting assessments that help you enhance and expand your F&A department for greater efficiencies to outsourced accounting support of your day-to-day functions. And a lot more services in between. Learn more about how our team can help yours.

We salute all of the hardworking finance and accounting professionals who keep businesses and nonprofits operating and growing. And remember, the next time you enjoy a piece of bubblegum, you have an accountant to thank!